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Does Zoro eat a devil fruit? – One Piece

Question: Does Zoro eat a Devil Fruit?

Short Answer: No, Zoro does not and has never eaten a Devil Fruit.

Question: Will Zoro eat a Devil Fruit?

Short Answer: Zoro will never eat a Devil Fruit because of the parallel Oda has set up between him and Rayleigh.

Long answer:


Why Zoro will not eat a Devil Fruit

1. Parallels between Zoro and Rayleigh

There are countless parallels Eiichiro Oda has set between Zoro and Rayleigh in One Piece. Some of the most prominent ones are,

  1. Rayleigh and Zoro are both the right hand man of the Pirate King Gold Roger and to-be Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy respectively.
  2. Rayleigh and Zoro both have similar scars on their eyes.
  3. Rayleigh does not have a devil fruit and neither does Zoro.
  4. Rayleigh and Zoro both use a sword as their primary weapon.
  5. Rayleigh and Zoro both enjoy drinking sake.

2. Mihawk does not have a Devil Fruit

Mihawk is Zoro’s goal. He is and has everything that Zoro desires, but one thing Mihawk does not have is a Devil Fruit. Although it’s not proven yet, it’s safe to assume Mihawk does not have a Devil Fruit because he never used it during the Marineford battle. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Zoro will not a Devil Fruit either.

Mihawk and Zoro parallel

3. Zoro is a swordsman

Zoro is first and foremost, a swordsman. He wants to win fights with his swordsmanship skills alone. If he were to use a Devil Fruit to gain even the slightest advantage against his opponent, the battle would not be seen as a fight between two swordsman.

It has been shown time and time again that Zoro only wishes to win fights with his swords. This is what differentiates him and Mihawk from someone like Big Mom (who also uses a sword). Although Big Mom uses a swords, she amplifies its powers using her incredible powerful abilities as Devil Fruit user which doesn’t make her a true swordsman.

4. Zoro Sees Devil Fruits as a Liability

Zoro sees Devil Fruits as a liability. He values the power to swim in the ocean far more than any power a Devil Fruit would give him. Zoro has repeatedly shown his distaste for Devil Fruits with statements such as “You devil fruit users are a pain in the ass”.

5. Zoro has something to prove

Zoro made a promise to Kuina a long time ago that he would train his sword prowess to be so great that it would even reach the heavens. He wants to see just how far his swords will take him and that has been his sole desire. There is absolutely no reason he should eat a Devil Fruit because it will not bring him any closer to his goal.

What Devil Fruit Should Zoro eat?

When Eiichiro Oda was questioned by a fan about what Devil Fruit would most fit Zoro, he stated that Kaido’s would be the most fitting, but what would be even better is if his Swords ate the Devil Druit.

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