Perfect Blue review
Monster anime review naoki urasawa

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Castle in the Sky Review: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Castle in the Sky is an epic fantasy adventure following a brave pair of adolescent orphans, Sheeta and Pazu on a quest to discover the mysterious castle, Laputa. On their journey, the children encounter some troublesome, slap-happy comical band of pirates and maniacal government agents. The dazzling visuals are sure […]

Perfect Blue review

Perfect Blue Review: A Movie Ahead Of Its Time

Perfect Blue follows the story of a celebrity on her transition from an innocent idol to a mature actress. Unfortunately, her transition isn’t as simple when she begins to realise she’s gradually losing her grip on reality and her identity. Perfect Blue is a narrative that manages to be quite […]

Monster anime review naoki urasawa

Monster Review: Naoki Urasawa’s Masterpiece

  Monster is one of the many critically acclaimed manga/anime series by Naoki Urasawa. The anime follows the story of an intelligent Japanese neurosurgeon Dr. Tenma whose life takes a grim turn after deciding to operate on a child over the mayor and thereby going against his director’s order. It’s […]

Great Teacher Onizuka Review

Great Teacher Onizuka Review: Great Lessons

An unorthodox teacher attempting to teach children about the value of friendship over studying is a far cry from any original premise, however, Great Teacher Onizuka isn’t attempting to be anything revolutionary. GTO is quite simply, a what-if scenario. What if your teacher tried to understand your internal struggles? What […]

Hajime no Ippo Review

Hajime no Ippo Review: A road to Success

Hobby is something one does for leisure and entertainment while passion is something one cannot live without. Full devotion towards a certain goal or achievement is the essence of passion and such is the narrative of Hajime no Ippo, the road to success. The road to success is tough. Self-doubt […]

Baccano! Review

Baccano! Review

Baccano! is an anime adaptation of a novel written by Ryohgo Narita who’s more notoriously known for creating the critically-acclaimed anime and manga, Durarara!! It is a 13 episode epic story about alchemists, immortals, gangsters and outlaws who happen to interweave aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, leaving trails of unfortunate events […]