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Why People Think Anime is Weird

Anime, or Japanese animation, is considered “weird” by many people in Western cultures for a variety of reasons.

One reason is the often fantastical and surreal nature of the stories and settings in anime. This can include elements such as giant robots, magical powers, and alternate dimensions. These elements can be difficult for some people to relate to or understand, leading them to view anime as strange or bizarre.

Another reason is the use of exaggerated facial expressions and gestures in anime characters. These exaggerated features can be off-putting to some viewers, who may find them unnatural or unsettling.

In addition, anime often deals with mature themes and subject matter that may be considered taboo in Western culture, such as violence, sexuality, and mental health issues. This can make anime feel darker or more controversial than Western animation.

Another aspect of anime that can be considered “weird” is the use of unique and often fantastical settings, such as post-apocalyptic worlds, or high-tech futuristic cities. It can be challenging for some viewers to understand or relate to these settings, making the anime feel strange or disconnected from reality.

Lastly, anime has a lot of different genres, and some are not commonly seen in western animation, like the Mecha genre, which is a science fiction genre featuring giant robots or mecha, or the Yaoi and Yuri genres, which depict romantic relationships between characters of the same gender. These genres may be considered unusual or unconventional by some viewers and can contribute to the perception of anime as “weird.”

Overall, while anime may be considered “weird” by some people, it is important to remember that different cultures have different forms of entertainment and storytelling. What may seem strange or bizarre in one culture may be completely normal and accepted in another. It is important to approach anime with an open mind and try to understand and appreciate its unique aspects.

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