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Why Luffy Fought Katakuri – One Piece


1. Why Luffy Fought Katakuri

1.1 Essential requirement

Luffy’s goal is to defeat all of the four Yonkos and before he can do that, he must prove that he’s worthy. He must prove that he’s stronger than a commander of a Yonko if he wants to stand next to the Yonko.

Katakuri provided Luffy with the perfect opportunity to distinguish himself above a commander level fighter and also the opportunity to greatly improve his haki prowess. Without defeating a commander level fighter, Luffy can’t hope to defeat a Yonko like Kaido and Big Mom.

luffy vs katakuri glare

1.2 Katakuri wants to protect his family

Katakuri as we came to understand, was not a bad guy. He just wanted to protect his family from the havoc and terrorism Luffy and co were creating in Whole Cake Island.

Luffy kidnapped Brulee, crashed Big Mom’s party, took down a commander like Cracker, and was threatening to steal one of the Road Poneglyphs. This disrespect to the Big Mom Pirates’ name is something Katakuri couldn’t ignore.

1.3 How Luffy defeated Katakuri

The differences in the reasons between Luffy and Katakuri is what led to Luffy as the victor. Luffy’s goal was far grander than Katakuri’s.

Although Katakuri was far stronger than Luffy at the time, Luffy was placing everything on the line with a reason to fight that far outweighed Katakuri’s. One Piece fights always revolve around the differences in will power which is why Luffy was sure to win.

Another reason for Luffy’s win that has been theorised is: Katakuri allowed himself to be defeated. I don’t believe this is the case because in their final stare-down, Katakuri had finally stopped hiding his insecurities and didn’t bother to care about his “pelican-eel” face. He didn’t need to make an effort to hide his face and stabs himself to honor their fight. Katakuri held too much respect for his opponent and believed that he owed Luffy a fair and square fight.

katakuri ou're looking pretty far into the future

2. How long is Luffy vs Katakuri?

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