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Tokyo Revengers Spoiler-Free Review

Japanese Title: Tokyo Revengers
Year: 2021
Episodes: 13
Adaptation: Tokyo卍Revengers
Genre: Action, Drama, School, Shounen, Supernatural

Tokyo Revengers Review

I really liked Tokyo Avengers. It has many interesting and likable characters and an intriguing premise with many twists and turns.


Takemichi Hanagaki is a man living with regret from the choices he made as a teenager. During one of his many mundane and uneventful days, someone attempts to murder Takemichi by pushing him onto the rail tracks. Moments before the train hits him, Takemichi flashes back to a fond memory of his ex-girlfriend and suddenly wakes up as a middle school student. He later realises that he has the ability to time-travel into the past which gives him the opportunity to right his past mistakes.

Generally I don’t like time travel in tv shows and movie allowing the user to fix past mistakes as I am a believer of “everything happens for a reason”, but Tokyo Revengers is an exception because it uses the ability as a tool for the greater good. The anime does an excellent job of defining characters through their actions and the relationships they develop. Character arcs are perfectly laid out and get a satisfying pay-off that feels genuine. Their motivations and reasons make sense given their context which are explored thoroughly through dialogue and history. Moments where the protagonist manages to rise up to the occasion are very hard-hitting and emotional and his growth as a character is what makes this series very special to me. There are also plenty mystery packed in every episode to keep the story thrilling and interesting.

Recommendations: If you enjoyed Tokyo Revengers, consider watching Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) which is an anime with a similar premise of re-writing history.

I rate this anime 8/10.

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