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6 Best One Piece Laughs (and 5 worst)


6 Best One Piece Laughs

1. Blackbeard’s Laugh

Blackbeard has hands down the best laugh in the entire series. It’s just so damn powerful, unstable and raw. The voice actor really does go all out to deliver on the fans expectations. The laugh is also beloved amongst countless fans of One Piece.

Blackbeard is a character that is built to be the final hurdle for the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the end game that Luffy must surpass to become the Pirate King because the characters represent two sides of the same coin. Blackbeard acquires his powers by scheming and planning, waiting for the right opportunity to strike while Luffy faces his adversaries head-on without any planning.

Blackbeard moves while only keeping his end goal in mind, but Luffy focuses on the journey with his comrades. They both want to become the pirate king but the differences in their beliefs and actions is what makes us root for one over the other. However, we also like Blackbeard as a villain because he represents a true pirate. After all, freedom is what both of them are chasing, but with freedom there are absolutely no rules you have to follow. On paper, Blackbeard is not doing anything wrong as he is doing whatever he wants much like Luffy does whatever he wants.

2. Jaguar D. Saul’s Laugh / Kid Robin’s Laugh

What makes this laugh so high on the list is the emotional weight associated with it. Saul was a Giant and a friend of Nico Robin when she was a child. His strong determination and kind hearted nature allowed Robin to escape from the destruction of Ohara unscathed. Before his death, Saul taught Robin how to laugh like he does and that she must never stop laughing, no matter how hard life gets. He also gave her hope that there are people on the sea who will accept her for who she is and not as the devil the World Government makes her out to be.

Jaguar D. Saul was a character that originally worked for the Marines as a Vice Admiral. When he encountered a wanted ship of archaeologists, he meets Nico Olvia and begins to doubt the World Government for attempting to hide the forgotten past. He comes to Ohara to warn the archaeologists of the World Government’s coup to wipe them out with the dreaded buster call. This is where Saul meets his untimely death by the hands of his former friend Aokiji.

Robin inherits Saul’s will and continues to move forward, eventually finding Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates who were willing to die for her and accepted her for who she was.

3. Doflamingo’s Laugh

In case you didn’t realise, Doflamingo’s voice actor changed from the pre timeskip which is a relief because now it’s much more menacing. One listen and you can gauge just how confident, cunning and maniacal he is. He really does sound like Joker from the Batman series.

Doflamingo was the big bad of Dressrosa. He is a shady broker who trades many illicit items in the underworld. He is also a schemer who overthrew an entire kingdom whilst making himself look like the hero.

What’s later revealed is that Doflamingo was in fact born as a Celestial Dragon, the supposed “Gods” of the world. His father chose to leave Mary Geoise and live amongst the common folk but when the common folk realised they were Celestial Dragons, his family was ostracised and murdered. Doflamingo’s rage makes him awaken his dormant Conqueror’s Haki, a power only given to the chosen few.

4. Whitebeard’s Laugh

Whitebeard has a very unique and hilarious laugh. The old man sounds like he’s gargling on marbles.

Whitebeard has the title of “the strongest man in the world” and was previously rival to the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He was a man so powerful that had he aimed to become to the pirate king, no one could have stopped him. This was however not what he wanted because his dream was to have a grand family with everyone on his crew as his son. He gave individuals with nowhere to go or return to a safe haven and was willing to die protecting his sons without a moment’s hesitation.

Whitebeard’s death came from a rescue attempt of Ace who was defeated, captured and handed over to the Marines by Blackbeard, an ex-member of Whitebeard pirates. Whitebeard was a force to be reckoned, wielding one of the most powerful devil fruit in the world, the Quake Quake fruit. When he arrived at Marineford, it was clear to everyone present that this man was truly the most powerful.

5. Sir Crocodile’s Laugh

This laugh is truly terrifying. It’s a simple “ah ah ah” but given the context, it sounds very disturbing and evil. Crocodile was a calculative and deceitful man who planned to start a war involving millions of people to simply further his own goals of world domination. He enjoys torturing people in some very cruel and purposeless manner. An example of this is when he repeatedly sends sandstorms to certain villages and make the inhabitants watch as their village get slowly destroyed.

Crocodile is also the man who gave Luffy his first loss as a pirate. Had Nico Robin not betrayed Crocodile, Luffy would have died during their first fight. Crocodile’s logia devil fruit was virtually invincible until Luffy found out that water is his weakness. During their second and third fight, Luffy manages to touch and Crocodile and eventually defeat him, freeing Alabasta from his control and exposing him evil-doings as a pirate.

6. Arlong’s Laugh

Arlong is another character with an extremely terrifying laughter.

Arlong is one of the scummiest fishman in the One Piece World. As a fishman he believes that his race is the superior being compared to humans. His experiences as a younger man witnessing his captain’s early demise and the general racism towards the fishman people made Arlong a very bitter and angry man. His hatred for humans has led him to do many inexplicable things such as enslaving Nami, killing her foster parent, and extorting humans for money in exchange for their lives.

Arlong’s demise came at the hands of Luffy when Nami asks him for his help. Luffy’s resolute mind without a moment’s hesitation gathered his crewmates and headed for Arlong Park to defeat the pirates terrorising her town. Luffy knew Arlong needed a beating for lying to Nami and making her cry.


5 Most Annoying Laughs

Sure they might be annoying, but I still like them nonetheless.

1. Pica’s Laugh

When I first heard his voice, I genuinely felt sorry for him for his ridiculous and hilarious laughter. But as the story progressed, I realised that this guy was one annoying bastard, always hiding and running away from Zoro. Pica was one of the top tier fighters for the Donquixote Pirates with an extremely powerful Stone-Stone devil fruit ability.

2. Dr Hogback’s Laugh

His laugh is just so damn ridiculous and over-the-top. Dr Hogback is a henchman of Gecko Moria, one of the Shichibukai. He is a world class surgeon who joined the Thriller Bark Pirates and assisted them in creating an undead army. He was idolised by Chopper until Chopper discovered of his true nature and how it contradicted everything Chopper stood for.

3. Captain Nezumi’s Laugh

My god was this guy one of the most dispicable and corrupt Marine that only found value in money. In Arlong Park, he struck a deal with Arlong to look for Nami’s treasure she had been collecting her entire life to free her village from Arlong’s ruling. Nezumi finds the treasure and takes it from her to share with Arlong. His laugh is very befitting to his wicked nature

4. Gekko Moria’s Laugh

His laugh is too damn close to Luffy’s considering he is one slimy bastard. However, when his backstory was revealed, I started to feel some slight remorse. During his heyday, Moria was rival to Kaido who is one of the current yonko. When he encountered Kaido, his entire crew fell at the hands of Kaido’s crew. Traumatised from his past, Moria became lazy and started building army of the dead so that he may never suffer from losing his comrades.

5. Perona’s Laugh

It’s annoying at first, but I started to find it kind of endearing when she starts a friendly relationship with Zoro and Mihawk in a sort of the dynamic trio kind of situation. The predicament of their current situation led to some really funny dialogue exchange during the two year timeskip.

Why are One Piece Laughs so weird?

Eiichiro Oda creates a unique laughter for each of his character as it helps to give them a unique identity and personality.

Oda accomplishes in distinguishing characters using multiple methods such as character design, clothing and style in which laugher is only one of the many techniques at his disposal. When you think about it, One Piece appears to be the only anime to use this technique.

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