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5 Strongest Characters in One Punch Man (aside from Saitama)

One Punch Man is a manga and anime series that follows the story of Saitama, a seemingly average man who has become incredibly powerful through intense training. He is able to defeat any opponent with a single punch, hence his moniker “One Punch Man.”

While Saitama is the strongest hero in the series, there are several other characters that are considered to be among the strongest.

One of the strongest characters is Boros. He is the leader of an alien invasion force and is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in the series. He is able to withstand intense physical damage and has a variety of powerful energy attacks at his disposal. Boros is ultimately defeated by Saitama in a epic battle.

Another strong character is Garou, also known as the “Hero Hunter.” He is a former disciple of Bang, and is able to hold his own against multiple heroes at once. He has a unique fighting style and is able to adapt to his opponents’ moves quickly. He is also able to heal quickly from injuries. Garou is ultimately defeated by Saitama, but not before putting up a strong fight.

Tatsumaki, also known as the “S-Class Rank 2 Hero,” is considered to be one of the strongest heroes in terms of psychic powers. She is able to use her psychic abilities to control and manipulate objects, as well as create powerful energy blasts. Tatsumaki is also known for her arrogance and short temper, but is a powerful ally to have in battle.

Another strong hero is Bang, also known as the “S-Class Rank 3 Hero.” He is a master of martial arts and is able to use his fists to create powerful blasts of energy. He is also able to sense and predict his opponents’ movements. Bang is a wise and experienced hero, and is respected by many of his peers.

Lastly, Atomic Samurai is the S-class rank 5 hero, he is master swordsman and considered one of the strongest heroes in the series. He is able to wield his sword with incredible precision and speed, and is also able to use his sword to unleash powerful energy attacks. He is also a very strict and disciplined person, who values honor and respect above all else.

One Punch Man is a series with a wide variety of strong heroes and monsters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Saitama may be the strongest hero in the series, but the other heroes are also incredibly powerful and capable of taking on powerful opponents. These heroes show that strength and power come in many forms and that the true measure of a hero is their courage, determination, and willingness to protect others.

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